podcast/radio work


Frank Baker's Explosion Diary - CBC's Information Morning/90.5

A diary discovered nearly a century after the incident it describes contains a rare first-person account of the largest man-made explosion prior to the development of nuclear weapons


International fame and other reasons to spell 'autophagy' - CBC's Information Morning/90.5

A Halifax spelling bee champ is headed to the Olympics for word nerds: the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington. As it turns out, spelling bee glory isn't the only reason to take a closer look at language


Cost of jail phones 'predatory and usurious' - CBC Investigates/CBC's Information Morning/90.5

Inmate advocates say the high cost of phone calls at Nova Scotia's provincial jails is isolating those behind bars from their families and hindering their chances of rehabilitation.


A bench for Barb - CBC's Information Morning/90.5

Denenia Dobbin lost her mother to an incident of domestic violence. 26 years later, she's still trying to make sense of what happened - and how she can find meaning in her mother's death.


Africville signs point the way - CBC's Information Morning/90.5

Africville is a national historic site in Canada, but many people still don't recognize the site's significance, even when they're directly confronted with the history of the community that lived there. A protect to stake out the sites of homes prior to the Africville's destruction is hoping to point people in the right direction - in more ways than one. 


Star of the Sea - Third Coast Short Doc Challenge

A forty year love affair that will never have its first dance; how do we reconcile ourselves to the loves we can't consummate?


Call of the Cicada - CFAT Media Arts Scholarship

Call of the Cicada is an aural expedition through the parallel life cycles of cicadas and mental illness. Taking as a departure point the largely subterranean existence of cicadas, who only emerge above ground to 'sing' briefly before dying,  the piece explores silence and noise, acceptance and blame, and questions how we communicate with a phenomenon that exists at the limits of language